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Everything around us is made up of different combinations of the same elements that are said to be found in the universe.  Stop and think about this for a minute, really think about it.  We are intricately connected with everything naturally occurring. Think of the conditions that had to exist to create life; it started as one cell and multiplied, copied & combined to build everything we have come to know about life, our body, our living bodies

I took some time out this weekend and read the 1st chapter of The Life Science Health System on www.rawfoodexplained.com. While reading, I discovered an overwhelming sense of inherit knowledge. Not the kind of knowing that makes you an expert but instead the kind that is innate, built in, or instinctive.

Life, made by those same set of natural laws as the universe, builds upon those laws to create biological processes in organisms that create, recycle, evolve & recreate.  Since “organisms in nature live in symbiosis with each other and balance exists amongst them according to the food chain”(Fry), it only stands to reason that our bodies remain healthy as long as we are nourishing ourselves with those building blocks that maximize function. Survival depends on function, which depends on having air to breath, water to drink and nutrients to ingest. The nutrients our body uses such as carbohydrates, proteins, fat & water should come from the food we choose to eat. Logically, we would want to eat in a way that provides our living bodies  "the nutrients needed to maintain vigor, stamina and function" (Fry).

The problem is that people are not taught the proper way of eating from birth & doctors would be out of business if they supplied their patients with the truth about the food we eat.  Many studies have shown that the human anatomy agrees more with plant, vegetable & fruits and not meat or processed foods.
 “Man's structure, internal and external compared with that of the other animals, shows that fruit and succulent vegetables are his natural food”(Baker), with that being said (over 200 years ago) you would think that by now we would have perfected the ability to deliver to ourselves the exact nutrients for vitality, but this is not the case.  Food as we know it today and/or buy in the grocery stores (9 times out of 10) is processed, modified and nutrient deficient. 

If we contaminate our body with processed foods, meat, alcohol, prescription drugs, etc. we are going to have a body working hard to rid itself of foreign or poisonous substances. Yes our bodies reacts to all of those things like it is foreign, a poison or a toxin. When we eat meat, our stomach tries to overcompensate by adding more acid to the mix so the meat can be broken down. If we continue to eat meat on a daily basis, our stomach will always have to add more and more acid to the digestive process to try and break it down. Eventually, you end up with a more acidic internal environment.  And since they found that cancer thrives in a highly acidic environment ,we should be trying to maintain a healthy pH in our body (CFS).  Another thing to consider is when we eat processed foods that are packed with simple carbohydrates our bodies quickly digest it and turn it into sugar (glucose) which is released in the blood or it gets stored in the muscles in the form of Glycogen . If we have no more room to store it in the muscles, our body converts it to fat droppings that are stored in the body for use another time (ISU).  Problems can arise when the body has too much sugar in the blood (diabetes) or too much fat being stored (obesity).

Our digestive system is in place to remove vital nutrients from food and use them to keep our bodies running at their most efficient and clean form. But when we have a toxin in that system, our body knows to surround that toxin and push it out. Knowing that you have this awesome temple that knows what to do to keep you living, why would you want to do anything else but give it exactly what it needs? If your digestive system is happy, you can be certain your bodily functions are following suit. 

I have a friend that was in the hospital and they could not figure out what to do with his body's inability to digest food properly. He spent quite a while in there, being a guinea pig to the doctors who used the cure method instead of looking at prevention. After he had had enough, he left the hospital, still not having answers and started only eating raw/real food and no meat. Much to his surprise, not only did his digestive system begin to function properly, but he lost a ton of weight and had tons of energy. He felt and looked great, better yet, he acted in a healthy & happy manner.

To date, the majority of medical practices treat disease as something to be fixed from the outside in, when the truth is the exact opposite.  If you want healthy looking skin, no matter how much lotion you put on it, you will not have a healthy glow if you're eating in a manner that makes your skin's biological processes function less efficiently.  If you want a healthy body, you're not going to go to the gym only to follow it with a big mac (which is close to 1000 calories & loaded with high fructose corn syrup and meat filler). Instead, you're going to eat in a manner that maximizes your efforts.  The same holds true with a fully functional body & mind, it starts with how well we are maintaining our living bodily functions from within (Fry).

The more and more research I do, the more changes I make. The first line of business for me is to give up meat entirely and incorporate more & more raw fruits and vegetables into my diet. I know once my body starts to work like it is designed to work (at full function) that I am going to feel so much better. I have to admit I am struggling with a lifetime of conditioning that made us all so unaware when it comes to health and nutrition. We are not carnivores, not by nature's standards (Bluejay). Do you think nature was wrong when designing the human body? Do you think nature and the natural world is wrong about what our body needs to function correctly and at maximum efficiency? Everything we know was built on natural law and “ nothing exceeds it's possibilities”(Fry).

Testimony : V. Arnold writes, "I know I have felt much better since changing to a raw foods, whole grains and mostly vegetarian diet. (Still working on eliminating the very occasional fish or poultry meal) While I struggled with energy, digestion and iron issues most of my life I find now those problems are gone. I still struggle with taste cravings, not my body craving it, just my mind telling me how much I liked something, only to eat it and wonder why I would ever have liked it in the first place and feeling gross for days. I haven't touched beef or pork in almost 2 years because I can't digest them anymore and just giving those 2 things up made a huge difference almost instantly. I gave up most sugars and all dairy years ago and don't miss them a bit . I think the biggest benefit to me is to be able to start my kiddos off with much better eating habits than we were taught."

I am no biologist, I am just a curious woman in constant search of the way to be harmonious with natural law so that I may live a healthy & happy life. Once I read chapter 2 of The Life Science Health System I will be back with other interesting tidbits about the awesome living body!   

Lots of cool extras and information packed references.  Happy Reading!


To see what happens to food as you digest it go here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08VyJOEcDos & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeUlh9Cou38.

To see what happens in your body when you eat processed foods go here: http://www.realfarmacy.com/what-happens-in-your-body-when-you-eat-processed-foods/.

To see what happens in your body when you fast go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2CT4Y13kaU.

Learn about The American Parasite here: http://keybiotics.com/science.html.

Joaquin Phoenix drowns to prove point: http://bcove.me/0a7bvmk8.


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02/11/2014 4:12am

I completely agree with you here! I've been vegetarian for five years and vegan for two and I just keep feeling better and better. People often ask me, "Don't you have low energy being vegan?" but the opposite is true! I'm sure I would if all I ate was potato, but people seem to forget the bounty that nature provides for us in the form of vegetables, fruit, seeds, beans, nuts, e.t.c.. It's up to us to eat responsibly.

Perhaps your friend had a build up of mucoid plaque in his intestines, which prevented him from proper digestion. It's a horrible sludgy substance that builds up due to the accumulation of undigested pieces of flesh and it lines the intestinal wall, preventing the absorption of nutrients. Nasty!

02/11/2014 9:18am

Wow. That is pretty nasty. :-/
I sent this to him for him to comment, maybe he heard something since he had been in there. All I know is he felt so much better when giving up those things our body does not do well with.
As it is, when I eat meat, I am in pain for a couple days. It takes so long for me to digest it, and it seems like my body hates it. It may seem good on the outside, but on the inside my body is relaying a different story. I love everything about the Earth, I have love for all creatures, I also want to be able to look myself in the mirror and be proud that I am not destroying them for food.
It is not too easy to do considering how they line the grocery story, but I will spend most of my time in the veg/fruit isle. HA

I may call on you for wisdom from time to time. Thank you.

Nikki Pauze'
02/11/2014 11:23am

Wow! Love the research you did Cuz! I have to concur with the logic behind what feeds us makes us. Healthy eating is vital. Our bodies are machines that require oil changes (I call them) every few months. Personally my eating habits are not to brag about! Yet I do lean towards more veggies and fruits because I feel better eater clean fuel - I label it! I truly believe exercise sweats out the toxins as well ! I enjoyed this and looking forward to the next piece. -Nikki

02/11/2014 11:45am

I am glad you enjoyed it! I am also happy to hear you say that, especially being in the medical field! xo

I believe we all have to change little things to become healthy, from the inside ~ out!

I am walking the walk right now, tripping over myself, trying to undo a lifetime of conditioning so that I can feel better for a long period of time.

Exercise and Sun matter too! :-)

02/11/2014 12:29pm

Thanks so much for this post. I am not a big red meat eater however I Love sugary stuff that is just as bad on your system. As I told you recently when I lived up there I was at my healthiest I gave up sugar ,dairy wheat. I was able to walk 4 miles a day. I felt and looked awesome. I just read I should eat to match my blood type and that is A+ which would be vegatarian. No time like the present. Thanks again my friend and will be up to stay at mountain home for several months to get well together. It's time hunny. I heart you ♡

02/11/2014 12:36pm

Teri, I heart you back!
Thank you so much for commenting, reading. I had a preview of what this was like, thanks to you for introducing me to Maureen.

We know how good we felt giving up all those things we did.

I want only for the best health for those I love. We have to get away from all this guess work and put the power back in our own hands. xoxo

02/11/2014 12:35pm

Hi Dawn! Thank you for this amazing post. I appreciate all the time and effort you put in to research this topic. The academic in me loves reading anything with references. I'm on a medicine that takes away an amino acid in my brain but it also takes away the amino acid in my stomach. I haven't been able to eat processed foods for over two years. Just before I started this medicine, I also stopped eating carbs (except those in veggies & fruits). It was nearly impossible at first, but I'm used to eating this way now and I feel great. I have more energy than I ever did before and I'm discovering that my taste buds are changing so I now love veggies and fruits that I used to hate. I want to give up meat but my medicine does not allow for nuts, beans, or tofu so I'm still trying to figure out how to get protein without eating meat. Thank you for inspiring me to keep searching for answers. I know my digestive track will thank me. Big hugs & lots of love.

02/11/2014 12:40pm

Awww Kelly, Thank you!

I am so happy to be surrounded by like minded people, feel so blessed over that and the fact that if any of us needs support, we are here for one another.

Giving up the meat is hard for me. Battling with that lifelong conditioning, you know. But I am steadily working on it!
I cannot wait till I can talk to you about how many months it's been and how great I feel. I am so inspired by success stories.

The academic in me also says, "don't you put that up there without references!" HAHAHA!

Thanks so much for your support & more over inspiration to keep going.

02/11/2014 2:01pm

Hi babe, very food stuff, love it! I remain a carnivore and if I did any changes, I would stick to a true caveman diet. I agree that sugary things, processed foods and awful things like GMO are horrendous for you, so I am careful with them....ultimately, no matter how well you write an article, not everyone will follow suit.....I'm proud of how well it is written and remember all living organisms were made to live in harmony....nothing was made by accident....including the sun, moon and stars because we all have the same Creator!!! Love you!

02/11/2014 2:07pm

Michelle love. I am so happy you read and commented.
Thank you!

I certainly don't expect everyone to jump on the no meat, no processed band wagon with me, it is just meant for awareness, to bring more enlightenment to our kind.
Everyone has to follow their own path, for me it's also personal. xo

Harmonious living. xoxo

02/11/2014 2:03pm

Oh, and yeah....not "very food stuff", even though it's about that, because I meant "very good stuff!!". =)

02/11/2014 2:09pm

HAHA, I knew what you meant. xo

02/11/2014 2:56pm

Great post Dawn! I firmly believe that we really do know what is considered "bad" for our bodies. When we eat clean, we begin to feel better but sometimes our habits have a stronger influence on our minds and we tend to forget how good we felt with clean diet.
I also feel lousy when I eat meat and the feeling lasts for days. I know my body is telling me to eat what I need!
Keep up your research Dawn, we all appreciate your posts.

02/11/2014 3:46pm

Thank you so much Lydia!

I am grateful that I have support from all over, including on this little corner of the internet.

I appreciate your comment and look forward to doing more and more research on the matter.

02/12/2014 12:10am

Absolutely! EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED! We are a beautiful work of art as is the rest of the planet and universe. What we eat, what we say, what we think, what we do, or not do, all has a direct effect on our bodies. It is vital to listen to oneself when eating, because your body will tell you things you never payed attention to before. I havent eaten red meat or pig in 12 years. I have never eaten fish or seafood and now with all the radiation in the ocean from Fukashima, well, I will prob never eat it, unless its local grown tilapia, then maybe. I eat chicken very rarely and live on a diet of fruits, veggies, and nuts. I almost never eat bread or sugary things and I cannot remember the last time I drank a soda. Moving down to Costa Rica was a big help in broadening what I eat. For example, I get proteins from palmito which is baby palms and it is really good! There are also many veggies and fruits that the states dont offer and mostly all locally grown. I have been blessed to live down here for sure and I encourage everyone to respect themselves enough to stop eating processed meats, GMOS, carbs, sugar ( use honey <3 ) and start listening to your body. We are the conscience breath of the universe and we are all connected. Teach your kids the truth and always plant a garden. Never give up the fight to better yourself or those around you <3 and remember la vida es pura vida :) Thank you for making the world a better place Dawn <3

02/12/2014 8:20am

Taressa, Thank you so much for your insight! :-)
You have always been super vibrant. I knew you did not eat meat, I just did not know it has been that long.

I have been poisoning my body for so long, it's not going to know what to do other than *heal*.

If I can provide just a little insight to anyone that has questions about this, I will. If I can provide a little nudge to research this subject, I will. That to me is what it is all about.

I feel so blessed to have people like you in my life. I feel so blessed to know all the people I do know, those that care about themselves and the future of our planet. Thank you so much, again. What you have to say is always important to me and others will gain from the testimonies of real people.

Amor y luz. xo

02/12/2014 8:14am

I was out walking yesterday, and really wondering are we meant to be meat eaters.. have you answered me today Dawn? I have stopped and began again but I do not want to eat meat, mainly due to the way we treat animals pre consumption but I am also interested in fueling my body in the best possible way. Thank you so much for your research.I have bought a new juicer and am going to move towards giving up meat again.. I'm not a fan of processed food, loving natures own but there are a lot of changes to be made. Thanks so much for your research Dawn <3

02/12/2014 8:34am

Caroline, I hope the references come in handy for you!
It's a good question to ask and I am glad we are connecting on certain points that I am certain other's ask themselves. I too feel the way the animals are treated is a very important aspect in my decision. I said before that I feel like a hypocrite sometimes because I would eat meat and justify it by saying I wasn't the one doing the killing. But that's just it, by eating it, we support the killing. :-( So I feel you there.
One of the articles I read, talks about a lion, and what happens when he sees meat. He goes after it, tearing the flesh away to get to the fresh, raw meat. Now compare that to us. When we look at a cow, do we instinctively want to rip it apart, tear the flesh off and devour the raw, fresh meat? No we don't. We are also not equipped with sharp razor teeth or giant ripping claws. So many things point to us being herbivores, not carnivores. The trick is, really doing it in a world consumed with meat products.

Thank you for commenting and thank you for the love.
I will continue this research for myself and everyone else. We are in this together! xo

02/12/2014 8:23am

Hi Dawn!

Another great article. I'm torn here, because I was vegetarian for many years and then my body really started to crave meat, so I'm back on chicken and fish. And occasionally bacon, for some reason. I tend to follow what my body wants, except when all it wants is chocolate.

I love all animals, and know that they all have a sacred purpose here. It's for that reason that I'm sure to send gratitude for all the food I eat and look on the sacrifices as a conscious soul choice. I believe the animals choose their path in the same way we choose ours, to give us certain lessons or to reflect things to us about ourselves. I think we've taken meat-eating to extreme measures, killing animals in abbatoirs and similar factory situations that treat them as nothing more than soulless commodities. I believe showing reverence for them as beings who have knowingly given their permission for this journey honours the lives they have.

I think our bodies are our own best guides for what we eat or don't - I know mine is pretty vocal about letting me know what it doesn't like :)

Big Love <3

02/12/2014 8:39am

Jenny, everyone has to follow their own path. I am so appreciative to have so many honest, loving people around me. Eating meat does not make us bad people, especially if we are following the ancient ways of honoring them since they deserve nothing less. Like you said, " killing animals in abattoirs and similar factory situations that treat them as nothing more than soulless commodities" is wrong and we instinctively know that. And I also agree with " showing reverence for them as beings who have knowingly given their permission for this journey honors the lives they have."

I know that my body does not react well to red meat, has not in some time. That being said, it is time for me to follow a different path, for myself, for my body.

Thank you so much for your comment, honesty, love and compassion.

02/12/2014 9:07am

I don't disagree at all with what is said. I live in a place that has a limited growing season and in that season we have to content with Japanese beetles, moles, and deer all competing for the same delicious veggies. Having moved from the polar opposite, I did my practical work for grad school in a food dessert in a literal dessert. There is a whole other set of issues around availability of "real food." Even when people *know* how to eat, it's not always easy to do that. My hope is that we can begin to shift to creating solutions to make all the education applicable. I loved how Joe actually loaned out juicers to a community to check out for a week and try juicing in the movie "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead." He created a website that made resources easy to find. That is how we create meaningful change.

02/12/2014 9:31am

Creating meaningful change, that's the name of the game! :-)

Loaning out juicers to people to check out is a brilliant idea. I also did not have the pleasure of watching "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" but I will now take some time to watch it. Thanks for that Wendy!

I also agree, "Even when people *know* how to eat, it's not always easy to do that." That is why I hope to bring a list of local markets to the table with the support page.

Availability of "real food" has to change. I hope we can move from a more processed food to fresh foods and I will be looking for more supermarkets that take that approach.

Thanks so much!

02/12/2014 12:53pm


I have several topics to talk about on this topic. As you all know our world has changed dramatically in the past 30 years. from our air that we breath to the food we eat. They have been genetically modifying our food with everything from cock roach dna to putting glowing jellyfish into animals then feeding it to the people. We have round up ready seeds that the farmers are forced to put into the ground and then spray with more chemicals. We now have unknown weeds and chemical resistant weeds that they never thought about before they decided to contaminate our world with. Polluted water due to chemical run off not to mention all of the drugs int the water that people are defecating and urinating into the system along with dumping the left over drugs down the toilet. "Because they were told to". So we are all being drugged whether we know it or not, mainly people with town water. BUT well water is no exception! The water table is just being so depleted by waste and selling it off to the big corporations.
We have the farm bill that was just passed and it is not for the people or small farmer. I will be adding links for you all to check out at the end of my rant.

You can see when someone is not healthy, just look at their skin, healthy skin comes from within. you must have a good elimination of toxins from the bowel, lung and skin. If you are eating foods that you are sensitive to or allergic to you need to eliminate it. Food diary and trial and error are the best way to see what kind of foods work for you. I have to say that I don't know much about the blood type diets. I have looked at some of it but not studied it to much. So I do know some that follow that diet and they swear by it.

We have chemtrails dumping everything from aluminum to depleted uranium and radiation on us. I suggest that people do not go out in the rain or snow so you are not breathing it in. The last time it snowed I was outside and I just got this dreaded feeling that I needed to go back inside asap. I just felt like something wasn't right.

Now down to the nutrition situation in this world. Everyone is depleted of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. You need 90 essential vitamins,minerals and fatty acids in order for your body to function. Essential because your body does not make them therefore you must supplement whether you are on a Vegan diet, cave man diet, gluten free ect. I happen to like meat a lot. we try to buy local, it is cheaper, better and I know where it came from. You must have digestive enzymes in order to digest your food. You must have enough stomach acid in order to digest food properly. Example: Anyone that has acid reflux is told by the doctor that you are producing to much stomach acid so they give you the purple pill. That is reducing your acid even more! Not the way to go do you think? Doctors are not trained in nutrition but they sure are taught to push the drug. So how do you think the war on drugs is going? Not good if you ask me.

Well now that I am totally off topic! Sorry! Stay away form soy, wheat. Two books that I recommend are Wheat Belly and Grain Brain.

Probiotics are a must also for good gut health. I just have to much to say I will be writing a book. I guess if you have questions or comments you can let me know. I will add some important things here if you are interested in looking at them. I do have more links but this is a start. One will be a radio show that talks about the farm bill that was just passed with Doreen Hannes. She explains it excellently, you will be shocked with what you hear! I keep up on this and I was. It is from this am so it is current. If you are interested in learning more about vitamins and minerals let me know! I use the best medical nutrition out there. Okay I am done for now.
Thanks for letting me rant Dawn!

02/12/2014 1:04pm

Karen, thank you so so much for that. I cannot tell you how valuable it is to have awareness brought to people and to have them also want to do the research on their own. I would like to have you as a guest writer about this subject and others considering you know a great deal about the body & energy.

I especially love, "Everyone is depleted of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. You need 90 essential vitamins,minerals and fatty acids in order for your body to function. Essential because your body does not make them therefore you must supplement whether you are on a Vegan diet, cave man diet, gluten free ect. " because it is spot on.

Again, thank you so much!! I will be checking those other info pages out. xoxo

02/12/2014 5:39pm

Loved your post! You and I have had many of conversations on this very matter…as a paramedic I learned long ago how the body functions and how EVERY part if our internal system feeds off of one another!!

QUITE MIRACULOUS in my opinion!!!

Keep to your goal of getting that addiction to meat you have out of your system!


02/23/2014 8:29am

Thanks Ang! Love you too.
We have had many many conversations about this, it is not something to take lightly and we know it don't we. :-)

02/14/2014 6:23am

This is a brilliant article!
I had so much more energy when I gave up processed food, processed sugar, I don't eat meat just fish and occasionally chicken, when I talk about my diet people say you don't need to be on a diet you are slim and I have to say its about my health not my weight,
there is still so much association with diet and weight and not realising that being slim doesn't always mean being healthy.

02/23/2014 8:32am

Thank you Sam!
I have been doing some changing and it's all looking good so far. I admit the hardest thing to quit is the habit, once the habit of eating those foods is overcome, it is smooth sailing. I have not gotten to the sailing yet. ;-)

02/14/2014 6:29pm

I totally agree Dawn! I have been vegetarian for many years and my body feels so much better. I am a lot more in-tune with my body now that I'm older. I pay much more attention to the things I put in my body and how my body reacts as well. I think this is especially important now because there are so many foods with artificial colors, additives, sweeteners, etc. Our body is designed to digest things in nature, the man made stuff just upsets the balance.

I recently started drinking green smoothies every morning... and what a delicious change it's made! My body is so very happy about it, so much so on the days when I don't... I feel it immediately.

Our bodies tell us the truth... always. We have to learn to be better listeners :-)

02/23/2014 8:35am

Stacey, right on, "We have to learn to be better listeners". :-)
Our bodies do indeed tell us all we need to know.

I already feel better, looking forward to being processed and meat free. :-) Still struggling a little, but moving toward it with a smile on my face and happy good bacteria in my body.

Thanks you for reading and commenting.

05/11/2016 9:09am

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