Carl Sagan said, "An organism at war with itself is doomed, we are one planet" .
What does that really mean for us?  It means that what is done to one part of a system affects all parts of the system.  We are not separated from the world around us, we are in fact part of it in such a way that when comparing our own systems to that of something as vast as our universe, an emerging similarity is so visible it is futile to deny.

Earlier human traditions paid homage to this fact.  The early cultures respected the fact that our surroundings are directly affected by what we do in them.  Take for example an indigenous tribe in the rain forest.  They only hunt for what they need and they always give respect for what they have.    By doing this they ensure their survival by not hunting all the game out of their forest by always being appreciative of what they have and by not taking more than they need.  Imagine if you will what would happen if every day they hunted for more than one kill and took more life than the forest had time to replenish.  How long do you think they would last in a forest that is hunted each day and generations of life striped away at a rate that is greater than the rate of reproduction?  If you are seeing things clearly, and seeing how delicate a balance life on this planet hangs on, you would see that they would not last through a couple of seasons.  

But look if you will at what we have now.  We have mass production of food which continues to lead to the destruction of those places that produce life.  Forests and oceans are being wiped clean by either hunting, over fishing, clear cutting and/or pollution.  We have tipped the balance of consuming to reproduction in such a way that they have laws about how many months you can hunt/fish etc.  We have taken much more than nature can keep up with and we continue to take more and more each day.  Eventually, like the indigenous tribe in the rain forest, we will have nothing left to take.  

We have lost our respect for this planet and in doing so we have doomed our selves.  We are at war, war with ourselves, war with our planet.  While life always finds a way, it is not beyond our understanding to clearly see what will happen if we continue on this path.  We are nature and "we are one planet", meaning you should treat this planet well because in doing so you are also treating yourself well.

The inspiration for today's writing can be found here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjrmK8t6VYk .



08/18/2016 9:46am

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Yes we are living on one planet and we just can't reject this. So we need to have a careful standing on the ecology!

10/05/2016 1:39pm

One of the greatest mind of last century - Carl Sagan. We miss you!


We all really should "Be kind to everything that lives"!

01/05/2017 7:08am

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08/16/2017 12:00pm

This makes me feel that we are supposed to be careful about the nature which has been keeping us alive all this time. It sure is an interesting post to get some good awareness.


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