Do you believe so?  Do you feel that the water we drink from fresh water aquifers should have a price put on it?  Many corporations feel that water should have a price, that water is a human right when referring to the water we need to live, but water to wash your car, water your golf courses and gardens should not be "free reign".  Instead they feel a price should be put on water so we can regulate what little fresh water supply we do have.

The fresh water we have is not an infinite supply by any means.  Groundwater & aquifers take thousands of years to recharge (replace what has been removed) and with us pumping water out of the ground faster than it can recharge, what do you think will happen?  This is not speculation, this is not far fetched, it is a simple math problem.  When you subtract a large number from a small number the result is smaller or a negative.

Water will run out, just like oil, fresh water is not something that we can continue to waste, contaminate and or pump out of the ground for profit, it must be held in the highest regard and respect for without it, we cannot live.  Think about that for a minute while you sit cozy in your home with fresh water being delivered to your faucets and/or toilets.  How much of it do you feel is wasted when we leave a faucet running for 2 minutes or flush our toilets.  Considering the supply and demand of fresh water it is not hard to imagine us seeing a time where we don't have it so readily available.

Corporations want to put a price on water so we learn how to live within our water means.  Truth is I don't believe for one minute that it is to help the great deal of people living without water on this planet, I think the agenda is to use something that every living creature needs to survive as a chess piece to make money. But I could be looking at it wrong.  While watching the CEO of Nestle talk about water and how it should be regulated, I had certain times when I found myself agreeing with what he was saying but my heart was screaming about the point missed.  I feel that corporations and the people with all the money have the means to help, but it is not by sucking groundwater out and bottling it, it is more by coming up with a filtering system that can be worldwide, something that takes our bad water and turns it into good water by an easy process.  With all the smart people there are in the world, you cannot tell me that someone has not come up with an idea of how to streamline the filtering of our grey water and apply it to everyday living.  And getting down to the truth of the matter, people want things fast and now and do not want to wait, instant gratification has become the name of the game, regardless of how many people it will come to harm.  

Water is a human right, but that does not mean to the point of running the well dry.  

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01/19/2014 5:56pm

Dawn, it is great that you highlight such important issues.

I do believe there is probably a cost efficient way to regulate and manage water without individual charges.. unfortunately much of what happens is to make a buck.. I sometimes feel all this is due to the governments wanting to keep us in fear & lack mentality while they live their lives with different beliefs, yielding vastly different results.

Isn't the Universe abundant, created to forever yield what we need, should we believe it... fear and lack is how we're controlled by the powers that be, using media to yield power of us in this way.. We'll be harnessing the Sun soon :)

01/19/2014 6:32pm

The universe IS abundant indeed Caroline.
Harnessing the Sun and using clean resources is the way to sustainability. As long as we keep spreading the word, the awareness will continue to grow. Thank you for commenting. Amor y luz.

01/19/2014 6:37pm

thank you for spreading the word.. Namaste

01/20/2014 8:38pm

I totally agree with you Dawn
water is a human right and I have thought for some time that there is huge profit being made by companies bottling water which in effect is an abundant commodity of the earth
maybe there should be a levy on water for leisure use such as theme parks, water slides etc but for human consumption there is so much profit being made which could be used to give clean water to many countries that don't have it easily available

01/21/2014 6:25am

So many countries are without fresh water and we have so much that we are not worried about polluting it, running wells dry, etc. I think putting a levy/cap on water for leisure is a great idea, or even recycle that water so it is not fresh water being used. Maybe regulation would be a good thing, but I fear those that would take advantage of that too. :-) Thanks for commenting Sean.

01/20/2014 10:37pm

Hi Dawn,
Our church kids raised money for water filters for Haiti - they were under $100 each. This is no great stakes for someone to raise.
The UK charity Water Aid does great work in getting water to deprived areas.
I've had a little personal experience of this myself - when I lived in an Ivory Coast village, we had a hard time of it when the well got really low. Flushing toilets 1-2 times a day and facecloth washes only.
And when I lived in Israel, it was an on-going concern. There, they charged a surcharge if you went over the allocated use of water per nos. in the household.

01/21/2014 6:32am

Awww, they did? That is so awesome Bobbie! Children are so good at spreading that love.
Wow, you certainly have more experience with the problems our world faces than I do. You have been to places that actually ARE regulating water and allocating amounts. Just to think that it takes approximately 5 gallons give or take to flush an old toilet here in America. With the exception of course, California which only sells toilets that flush with 1.6 gallons. There should be certain changes in living that makes this mandatory nationwide so we all can conserve that fresh water we use in our toilets. It's a lot.
Not only do we have to worry about the wells going dry, we have to worry about them being polluted as well. It is such a delicate thing, our water supply. We should be taking such good care of it.
Thanks for commenting. :-)

Per Mogensen
01/31/2014 6:21pm

The universal declaration of human rights, Article 25, 1) Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and of his family, including food, < this also included water.

02/03/2014 4:11am

Nice, read a ton of the Articles and thought to myself how much of our freedoms are being taken away because of things like this. Truth is, they are pumping fresh water out of our grounds to put in bottles to sell to others &/or to refill other aquifers (outside of the country). I don't believe we should be draining our fresh water reservoirs considering we are already polluting them. :-( Sooner or later, we will all have to pay for water.

12/10/2015 3:00pm

Instead they feel a price should be put on water so we can regulate what little fresh water supply we do have.

01/21/2016 11:20am

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01/30/2016 5:05pm

Instead they feel a price should be put on water so we can regulate what little fresh water supply we do have.

02/12/2016 11:41pm

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06/24/2016 2:35pm

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07/12/2016 6:16am

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08/06/2016 3:03pm

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08/09/2017 2:29am

Water will run out, much the same as oil, crisp water is not something that we can keep on wasting, pollute and additionally direct out of the ground revenue driven, it must be held in the most elevated respect and regard for without it, we can't live. Consider that for a moment time you sit comfortable in your home with new water being conveyed to your fixtures and additionally toilets.


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