The past week has been an emotional one for life lovers everywhere.  For me, it started with Taiji and the awful massacre of hundreds of dolphins.  Before I go any further, let's talk a little about dolphins and their observed behavior .

Dolphins typically live in close knit social groups.  They have their young, the young nurses for up to a couple years and then they possibly stay with their mothers/elders for up to 8 years.  They are smart to the point that they have on occasion helped man (in the wild).  They are sentient life forms.  They are now being seen as non human persons by more than one country, but that did not stop the awful slaughter of hundreds of dolphins this year at Taiji and other places.

PictureCetacean advocacy for 2013
While reading the overwhelming amount of posts online this week, I was struck with heart wrenching thoughts of what it must be like to see your family slaughtered and your children ripped from your side.  One of the activists that was there (Satoshi Komiyama) sobbed and wept as he was so heartbroken over the cries of panic and pain coming from the captured pod. (Picture to the right)

The truth is these pods feel exactly what we would feel if we were in the ocean with our family and all of a sudden a bunch of savages decided they were going to net us, separate us, drag some of us on to a beach and cut open our spines and let the rest of us who are captured watch.  While our family lay dying on bloody shores, we are held captive and poked and prodded to see if we look as delicious as our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandmothers & fathers.  Imagine being in this type of situation for 4 days without food or comfort, all you hear are the cries and panic of your family being slaughtered.  And if you are not killed or taken, you are then forced back out into the ocean without your loving family, forced to leave the dead, dying and captured behind.  Completely unacceptable behavior coming from humans you would think, especially considering this is what we call being civilized.

If that was not enough to cause as emotional stir, we are hit with the gruesome pictures coming out of the Faroe Islands.  I understand tradition but I don't understand how having your children watch and take part in the violent murdering of sentient beings helps to make them an adult.  This type of behavior is NOT civilized, it makes me a little sick to my stomach, and makes me a little ashamed to be part of the same race.  How can we call ourselves civilized and do these things to other living things?  These are creatures that feel, creatures that respond to the calls of family, creatures that have bonds with their kin.  How can these people that take part in these things sleep at night?  

The following is how you can make a difference from your little spot on the globe:

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RYOT has great resources ~

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Save Japan dolphins ~

Care 2 petition ~

Dolphin project ~

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I welcome comments and more so ones that contain more avenues of action.  As we go along on our journey, we must consider those other creatures we share this planet with and remember the golden rule, "Be kind to everything that lives".  




01/26/2014 3:00pm

Dawn, this is a beautiful tribute to the dolphins, and a really difficult topic to think about. That humans can become so detached from the terror and pain of other creatures speaks to how far we've gone from the connection we once had to the Earth and all that she provides.

I think that to say dolphins have 'near human' intelligence is an insult to the dolphins - they have an intelligence and knowing that so far surpasses our slow, rational human mind it's hard to even fathom. They communicate with each other and with us constantly, usually without our awareness of it.

Their sacred purpose here is to transmute the heavier energies of fear and sadness into joy. They do this by choice, and as a gift to humanity. If we wipe them out as a species, our planet will have lost something so valuable it's almost impossible to describe.

Thanks for your beautiful post.

01/26/2014 9:16pm

Thank you Jenny for your beautiful comment. You really are right, they really have " an intelligence and knowing that so far surpasses our slow, rational human mind" and I am grateful you pointed that out.

I look forward to the day that more of us recognize that they and all living things are indeed "so valuable". :-)

01/26/2014 8:06pm

You are so right about this Dawn. It's inconceivable to me that members of such an 'evolved' species as ourselves could be so utterly thoughtless and cruel to other beings. The way humans treat animals as 'game' and food is appalling to me. I pray that one day soon we will all wake up to understand the truth that we are all one and as humans we should be the protectors of life on our planet not the destroyers.

01/26/2014 9:19pm

Emma, it is "thoughtless and cruel" and it is so abundant on our planet.

You are right, we should be "the protectors of life on our planet" !

We stand as one. Thank you! :-)

04/20/2016 12:10pm

This is a really good life position except to people. I cant be kind to them.


We all really should "Be kind to everything that lives"!


You should always be kind and thankful for the life and a chance to be a person!

02/23/2017 4:28am

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08/25/2017 8:43am

Being kind to every person in this world has been the kind act that most of the people are being doing all this time. We are supposed to take inspiration from such people to get love.

08/26/2017 2:55am

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