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Everything around us is made up of different combinations of the same elements that are said to be found in the universe.  Stop and think about this for a minute, really think about it.  We are intricately connected with everything naturally occurring. Think of the conditions that had to exist to create life; it started as one cell and multiplied, copied & combined to build everything we have come to know about life, our body, our living bodies

I took some time out this weekend and read the 1st chapter of The Life Science Health System on www.rawfoodexplained.com. While reading, I discovered an overwhelming sense of inherit knowledge. Not the kind of knowing that makes you an expert but instead the kind that is innate, built in, or instinctive.

Life, made by those same set of natural laws as the universe, builds upon those laws to create biological processes in organisms that create, recycle, evolve & recreate.  Since “organisms in nature live in symbiosis with each other and balance exists amongst them according to the food chain”(Fry), it only stands to reason that our bodies remain healthy as long as we are nourishing ourselves with those building blocks that maximize function. Survival depends on function, which depends on having air to breath, water to drink and nutrients to ingest. The nutrients our body uses such as carbohydrates, proteins, fat & water should come from the food we choose to eat. Logically, we would want to eat in a way that provides our living bodies  "the nutrients needed to maintain vigor, stamina and function" (Fry).

The problem is that people are not taught the proper way of eating from birth & doctors would be out of business if they supplied their patients with the truth about the food we eat.  Many studies have shown that the human anatomy agrees more with plant, vegetable & fruits and not meat or processed foods.
 “Man's structure, internal and external compared with that of the other animals, shows that fruit and succulent vegetables are his natural food”(Baker), with that being said (over 200 years ago) you would think that by now we would have perfected the ability to deliver to ourselves the exact nutrients for vitality, but this is not the case.  Food as we know it today and/or buy in the grocery stores (9 times out of 10) is processed, modified and nutrient deficient. 

If we contaminate our body with processed foods, meat, alcohol, prescription drugs, etc. we are going to have a body working hard to rid itself of foreign or poisonous substances. Yes our bodies reacts to all of those things like it is foreign, a poison or a toxin. When we eat meat, our stomach tries to overcompensate by adding more acid to the mix so the meat can be broken down. If we continue to eat meat on a daily basis, our stomach will always have to add more and more acid to the digestive process to try and break it down. Eventually, you end up with a more acidic internal environment.  And since they found that cancer thrives in a highly acidic environment ,we should be trying to maintain a healthy pH in our body (CFS).  Another thing to consider is when we eat processed foods that are packed with simple carbohydrates our bodies quickly digest it and turn it into sugar (glucose) which is released in the blood or it gets stored in the muscles in the form of Glycogen . If we have no more room to store it in the muscles, our body converts it to fat droppings that are stored in the body for use another time (ISU).  Problems can arise when the body has too much sugar in the blood (diabetes) or too much fat being stored (obesity).

Our digestive system is in place to remove vital nutrients from food and use them to keep our bodies running at their most efficient and clean form. But when we have a toxin in that system, our body knows to surround that toxin and push it out. Knowing that you have this awesome temple that knows what to do to keep you living, why would you want to do anything else but give it exactly what it needs? If your digestive system is happy, you can be certain your bodily functions are following suit. 

I have a friend that was in the hospital and they could not figure out what to do with his body's inability to digest food properly. He spent quite a while in there, being a guinea pig to the doctors who used the cure method instead of looking at prevention. After he had had enough, he left the hospital, still not having answers and started only eating raw/real food and no meat. Much to his surprise, not only did his digestive system begin to function properly, but he lost a ton of weight and had tons of energy. He felt and looked great, better yet, he acted in a healthy & happy manner.

To date, the majority of medical practices treat disease as something to be fixed from the outside in, when the truth is the exact opposite.  If you want healthy looking skin, no matter how much lotion you put on it, you will not have a healthy glow if you're eating in a manner that makes your skin's biological processes function less efficiently.  If you want a healthy body, you're not going to go to the gym only to follow it with a big mac (which is close to 1000 calories & loaded with high fructose corn syrup and meat filler). Instead, you're going to eat in a manner that maximizes your efforts.  The same holds true with a fully functional body & mind, it starts with how well we are maintaining our living bodily functions from within (Fry).

The more and more research I do, the more changes I make. The first line of business for me is to give up meat entirely and incorporate more & more raw fruits and vegetables into my diet. I know once my body starts to work like it is designed to work (at full function) that I am going to feel so much better. I have to admit I am struggling with a lifetime of conditioning that made us all so unaware when it comes to health and nutrition. We are not carnivores, not by nature's standards (Bluejay). Do you think nature was wrong when designing the human body? Do you think nature and the natural world is wrong about what our body needs to function correctly and at maximum efficiency? Everything we know was built on natural law and “ nothing exceeds it's possibilities”(Fry).

Testimony : V. Arnold writes, "I know I have felt much better since changing to a raw foods, whole grains and mostly vegetarian diet. (Still working on eliminating the very occasional fish or poultry meal) While I struggled with energy, digestion and iron issues most of my life I find now those problems are gone. I still struggle with taste cravings, not my body craving it, just my mind telling me how much I liked something, only to eat it and wonder why I would ever have liked it in the first place and feeling gross for days. I haven't touched beef or pork in almost 2 years because I can't digest them anymore and just giving those 2 things up made a huge difference almost instantly. I gave up most sugars and all dairy years ago and don't miss them a bit . I think the biggest benefit to me is to be able to start my kiddos off with much better eating habits than we were taught."

I am no biologist, I am just a curious woman in constant search of the way to be harmonious with natural law so that I may live a healthy & happy life. Once I read chapter 2 of The Life Science Health System I will be back with other interesting tidbits about the awesome living body!   

Lots of cool extras and information packed references.  Happy Reading!


To see what happens to food as you digest it go here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08VyJOEcDos & http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeUlh9Cou38.

To see what happens in your body when you eat processed foods go here: http://www.realfarmacy.com/what-happens-in-your-body-when-you-eat-processed-foods/.

To see what happens in your body when you fast go here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2CT4Y13kaU.

Learn about The American Parasite here: http://keybiotics.com/science.html.

Joaquin Phoenix drowns to prove point: http://bcove.me/0a7bvmk8.


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<![CDATA[Monarch butterflies]]>Sat, 01 Feb 2014 15:39:30 GMThttp://terralovers.com/terratopics/monarch-butterfliesPicturePhoto by D. Pauze (www.terralovers.com)
Monarch butterflies are so beautiful.  How can you not look at these wonderful little guys/gals and not feel an overwhelming sense of awe?  They flutter around and bring feelings of goodness to butterfly lovers everywhere.  But I have some bad news, they're numbers are decreasing at an alarming rate because of the fact that the one plant they thrive on (milkweed) is vanishing due to loss of habitat (Center for Food Safety).

Monarch butterflies migrate astonishing miles to get out of the cold weather. When we think of migration, we often think a couple hundred miles, especially for insects, but the Monarch flies over 2500 miles in some cases to escape the cold (Monarch Butterfly Website).

Since the rise of agricultural industrialization and the resulting natural habitat loses, the Monarch butterfly migration numbers have been declining (Center for Food Safety).  While the number of Monarch butterflies migrating south has been overall declining since  1996-97, the trend since 2008 has been a steady decline and the number of migrating Monarch's as of last year is at an all time low (Center for Food Safety).  

PicturePhoto by D. Pauze (www.terralovers.com)
Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on Milkweed.  But since agricultural industrialization has resulted in a decline of wild growing Milkweed, it stands to reason that if we start adding this weed to our gardens, we can create way stations for the Monarch during it's life/travel (Spector, 2013).   Planting milkweed in your gardens will help these guys by adding back some of the habitat they are losing (Live Monarch).  It's pretty simple, we are moving in and taking away their homes & habitats.  So instead of making it worse by not doing anything, we can help by simply adding certain plants to our gardens and landscapes that attract these beautiful guys/gals, starting with milkweed.  Live Monarch will provide you with seeds for the price of shipping, but if they only have the southern plant, you can find a great list of other providers at Monarch Watch.  

PictureI helped this little guy out.
Monarchs are not the only butterflies that would benefit by the planting of milkweed, and milkweed is not the only plant you can add to your gardens to attract butterflies, but it is their primary food source and they do lay their eggs on it (World Wildlife Fund).  

The fate of flutter butters is unknown, but we can help bring back places to provide them safe harbor.  Don't delay, plant milkweed & add butterfly gardens to your landscape.  You will be grateful, especially when you get to witness them in all their splendor during their mating and feeding seasons.  Remember you can get free milkweed plants here: Live Monarch & get a list of other places that provide them here: Monarch Watch.  And if you want to take part in putting together awesome butterfly gardens, all you have to do is plant, with love.  Take matters into your own hands, don't let their numbers continue to dwindle while doing nothing. Just plant a plant, or thirty.  

Some varieties of milkweed are deer & rabbit resistant.  



Additional comments &  resources welcome.  


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<![CDATA[Be kind to everything that lives.]]>Sun, 26 Jan 2014 01:31:21 GMThttp://terralovers.com/terratopics/be-kind-to-everything-that-livesThe past week has been an emotional one for life lovers everywhere.  For me, it started with Taiji and the awful massacre of hundreds of dolphins.  Before I go any further, let's talk a little about dolphins and their observed behavior .

Dolphins typically live in close knit social groups.  They have their young, the young nurses for up to a couple years and then they possibly stay with their mothers/elders for up to 8 years.  They are smart to the point that they have on occasion helped man (in the wild).  They are sentient life forms.  They are now being seen as non human persons by more than one country, but that did not stop the awful slaughter of hundreds of dolphins this year at Taiji and other places.

PictureCetacean advocacy for 2013
While reading the overwhelming amount of posts online this week, I was struck with heart wrenching thoughts of what it must be like to see your family slaughtered and your children ripped from your side.  One of the activists that was there (Satoshi Komiyama) sobbed and wept as he was so heartbroken over the cries of panic and pain coming from the captured pod. (Picture to the right)

The truth is these pods feel exactly what we would feel if we were in the ocean with our family and all of a sudden a bunch of savages decided they were going to net us, separate us, drag some of us on to a beach and cut open our spines and let the rest of us who are captured watch.  While our family lay dying on bloody shores, we are held captive and poked and prodded to see if we look as delicious as our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, grandmothers & fathers.  Imagine being in this type of situation for 4 days without food or comfort, all you hear are the cries and panic of your family being slaughtered.  And if you are not killed or taken, you are then forced back out into the ocean without your loving family, forced to leave the dead, dying and captured behind.  Completely unacceptable behavior coming from humans you would think, especially considering this is what we call being civilized.

If that was not enough to cause as emotional stir, we are hit with the gruesome pictures coming out of the Faroe Islands.  I understand tradition but I don't understand how having your children watch and take part in the violent murdering of sentient beings helps to make them an adult.  This type of behavior is NOT civilized, it makes me a little sick to my stomach, and makes me a little ashamed to be part of the same race.  How can we call ourselves civilized and do these things to other living things?  These are creatures that feel, creatures that respond to the calls of family, creatures that have bonds with their kin.  How can these people that take part in these things sleep at night?  

The following is how you can make a difference from your little spot on the globe:

Sign this one right away!!  Need a few more signatures ~ http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/724/210/624/

RYOT has great resources ~  http://www.ryot.org/5-ways-take-action-taiji-dolphin-slaughter/546237

Take part/ Take action ~ http://takeaction.takepart.com/actions/cove-help-save-japans-dolphins?cmpid=action-share

Save Japan dolphins ~ http://savejapandolphins.org/take-action/help-spread-the-word

Care 2 petition ~ http://www.thepetitionsite.com/5/stop-dolphin-captivity/

Dolphin project ~ http://dolphinproject.org/take-action/dolphins-in-captivity

Take action ~ http://www.ryot.org/cause/dolphin-project
                       ~ http://uk.whales.org/campaigns/ending-japanese-dolphin-hunts?utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=%7bkeyword%7d&utm_campaign=yucca_GG&utm_source=google&gclid=CMLXw7HWmrwCFcdQOgodH1EAoA
                       ~ http://www.unleashed.org.au/take_action/petitions/stop-the-faroe-islands-whale-slaughter/

                       ~ http://www.change.org/petitions/end-the-faroe-islands-whale-slaughter

                       ~ https://www.causes.com/actions/1728109-end-the-faroe-islands-whale-dolphin-killing-festival

                       ~ http://www.thepetitionsite.com/986/402/366/stop-the-slaughter-of-the-taiji-dolpins/

                       ~ http://www.animalsaustralia.org/take_action/petitions/stop-the-faroe-islands-whale-slaughter

I welcome comments and more so ones that contain more avenues of action.  As we go along on our journey, we must consider those other creatures we share this planet with and remember the golden rule, "Be kind to everything that lives".  









<![CDATA[Free Off the grid Solar DVD]]>Sun, 19 Jan 2014 15:48:42 GMThttp://terralovers.com/terratopics/free-off-the-grid-solar-dvd Use it for education or use it for inspiration, whatever you choose, it's free.  Free is good for everyone.

<![CDATA["Water is a human right".]]>Sat, 18 Jan 2014 17:47:30 GMThttp://terralovers.com/terratopics/water-is-a-human-rightPicture
Do you believe so?  Do you feel that the water we drink from fresh water aquifers should have a price put on it?  Many corporations feel that water should have a price, that water is a human right when referring to the water we need to live, but water to wash your car, water your golf courses and gardens should not be "free reign".  Instead they feel a price should be put on water so we can regulate what little fresh water supply we do have.

The fresh water we have is not an infinite supply by any means.  Groundwater & aquifers take thousands of years to recharge (replace what has been removed) and with us pumping water out of the ground faster than it can recharge, what do you think will happen?  This is not speculation, this is not far fetched, it is a simple math problem.  When you subtract a large number from a small number the result is smaller or a negative.

Water will run out, just like oil, fresh water is not something that we can continue to waste, contaminate and or pump out of the ground for profit, it must be held in the highest regard and respect for without it, we cannot live.  Think about that for a minute while you sit cozy in your home with fresh water being delivered to your faucets and/or toilets.  How much of it do you feel is wasted when we leave a faucet running for 2 minutes or flush our toilets.  Considering the supply and demand of fresh water it is not hard to imagine us seeing a time where we don't have it so readily available.

Corporations want to put a price on water so we learn how to live within our water means.  Truth is I don't believe for one minute that it is to help the great deal of people living without water on this planet, I think the agenda is to use something that every living creature needs to survive as a chess piece to make money. But I could be looking at it wrong.  While watching the CEO of Nestle talk about water and how it should be regulated, I had certain times when I found myself agreeing with what he was saying but my heart was screaming about the point missed.  I feel that corporations and the people with all the money have the means to help, but it is not by sucking groundwater out and bottling it, it is more by coming up with a filtering system that can be worldwide, something that takes our bad water and turns it into good water by an easy process.  With all the smart people there are in the world, you cannot tell me that someone has not come up with an idea of how to streamline the filtering of our grey water and apply it to everyday living.  And getting down to the truth of the matter, people want things fast and now and do not want to wait, instant gratification has become the name of the game, regardless of how many people it will come to harm.  

Water is a human right, but that does not mean to the point of running the well dry.  

My inspiration/references:

<![CDATA[We are ONE planet]]>Wed, 15 Jan 2014 16:22:28 GMThttp://terralovers.com/terratopics/we-are-one-planetPicture
Carl Sagan said, "An organism at war with itself is doomed, we are one planet" .
What does that really mean for us?  It means that what is done to one part of a system affects all parts of the system.  We are not separated from the world around us, we are in fact part of it in such a way that when comparing our own systems to that of something as vast as our universe, an emerging similarity is so visible it is futile to deny.

Earlier human traditions paid homage to this fact.  The early cultures respected the fact that our surroundings are directly affected by what we do in them.  Take for example an indigenous tribe in the rain forest.  They only hunt for what they need and they always give respect for what they have.    By doing this they ensure their survival by not hunting all the game out of their forest by always being appreciative of what they have and by not taking more than they need.  Imagine if you will what would happen if every day they hunted for more than one kill and took more life than the forest had time to replenish.  How long do you think they would last in a forest that is hunted each day and generations of life striped away at a rate that is greater than the rate of reproduction?  If you are seeing things clearly, and seeing how delicate a balance life on this planet hangs on, you would see that they would not last through a couple of seasons.  

But look if you will at what we have now.  We have mass production of food which continues to lead to the destruction of those places that produce life.  Forests and oceans are being wiped clean by either hunting, over fishing, clear cutting and/or pollution.  We have tipped the balance of consuming to reproduction in such a way that they have laws about how many months you can hunt/fish etc.  We have taken much more than nature can keep up with and we continue to take more and more each day.  Eventually, like the indigenous tribe in the rain forest, we will have nothing left to take.  

We have lost our respect for this planet and in doing so we have doomed our selves.  We are at war, war with ourselves, war with our planet.  While life always finds a way, it is not beyond our understanding to clearly see what will happen if we continue on this path.  We are nature and "we are one planet", meaning you should treat this planet well because in doing so you are also treating yourself well.

The inspiration for today's writing can be found here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjrmK8t6VYk .

<![CDATA[Happy Bottle Building]]>Tue, 07 Jan 2014 03:12:59 GMThttp://terralovers.com/terratopics/happy-bottle-buildingPicture
This is the most beautiful thing.  Not only does this look good and provide light, warmth and cool, but it take bottles out of the garbage.  

I am going to do one of these myself this summer.  I am collecting beer bottles from everyone I know.  When I get close to construction I will know the amount of bottles I am short and may ask for some help from you fine people, but at the present moment, there is no short of beer loving individuals.

This photo is from Earthship's Blog page, click on the picture to go to there site.  

Happy bottle building! 

<![CDATA[Our contribution to the Geologic Time Scale]]>Sat, 23 Nov 2013 16:23:22 GMThttp://terralovers.com/terratopics/our-contribution-to-the-geologic-time-scalePicture
Earth's history has been gathered from year upon year of studying sediment & ice and supported by scientific method.  Each time a new moment in time is found, it is placed on a timeline which gives us a rough estimate of what our planet's history looked like. Time and time again, extinction events have been recognized.

We are not even a speck in the timeline right now and at any point and time a space rock the size of Texas can smash into the Earth at unimaginable speed and wipe out life on this planet.   Living underground can only get us so far, and unless we have fully functional cities underground for all to live, most of us will not survive such a thing. Who/what would survive? 

Let's imagine humans survive.  Let's imagine a certain number of individuals made it past an ELE (Extinction Level Event).  Who would those people be?  Would they be willing to understand the chance involved in just having the ability to live on this planet?  Would they learn from the mistakes of the past?  

What are we going to leave behind on the Geologic Time Scale?   Will we leave behind rich soils, clean fresh water, lots and lots of life?  If a big space rock smashed down on the planet right this minute, will our time in this scale see lots of life all stop abruptly?  Sure it would.  But would we not also see life diminishing over time, increase in deserts, changes in salinity coupled with increased carbon dioxide in the our oceans and highly volatile groundwater?  Sure we would.  Think those landfills will break down and create a soil mixture not found in our geologic time scale?  Sure they will. Maybe we can get a jump start on the future of the Geologic Time Scale by adding a layer of sediment rich in broken down plastics, debris and toxic chemicals.  

It is not necessary to point the finger at who or what created this because the truth of the matter is each of us, in one way or another have contributed (willingly or unwillingly) to the planet's current state.  The blame game just does not apply.  Instead, we have to learn from those past and present mistakes being compounded on a daily basis.  Truth is, if we pay attention to what has been happening, we see preventable disaster just about everywhere we look.  And while our hearts are in the right place, our slow call to action leaves an era to be desired.

References/further reading:






<![CDATA[LifeStraw]]>Fri, 20 Sep 2013 00:23:33 GMThttp://terralovers.com/terratopics/lifestrawPicture
Imagine being brought up in a place where you did not have access to fresh water to drink.  Imagine being surrounded by contaminated water and no way to clean enough of it to have even one cup of fresh water to drink.  Imagine your drinking water riddled with parasites, contaminants and muck.  Well while you may not think about it because we are lucky in this country, there are many more people in the world that live like this and have no access to fresh drinking water.  

According to the US Census Bureau (www.census.gov) there is a birth every 8 seconds and as of today the world population is approximately 7, 103, 409, 300 and counting, that includes the United States population at 316 million and counting.  It is estimated that approximately 3.4 million people die each year from water related disease (www.water.org) and 780 million or more do not have access to fresh drinking water.  There are more people who do not have access to drinking water then there are people the United States!  That is a pretty hefty bit of information all by itself.  So while we are lucky and so blessed to have drinking water, something which is taken advantage of on a daily basis, there is someone else dying from the lack of it.

For us lucky ones our drinking water is coming straight from the Earth up through wells and/or delivered through pipes from a water company.  For many others it is not so easy,  it is a several mile walk to the watering hole and and back, then on to whatever cleaning process is available and hope they have gotten all the contaminants out of it so it is semi-potable.  Unfortunately, most of the time this is not the case, most illnesses come from fecal matter in the water because there is more water being contaminated then there is water being sanitized, especially in developing countries.  It is and has been apparent that the solution to pollution is in fact NOT dilution, the solution is awareness & action. 

This is what LifeStraw is all about.  LifeStraw is a "point-of-use" personal water filtering device that provides approximately 264 gallons (1000 liters)of fresh/filtered water at your fingertips.  It was designed to help combat the water problem in the world, but with our country going full force into activities that WILL contaminate our fresh water aquifers, it is a welcome addition to your survival needs.  Not to mention can be used on hikes, camping, wilderness runs, etc. and it's a lot lighter than lugging water around.  This is a must have, even if you never have to use it you will always be sure that you will always have access to drinking water to keep you alive, hence *LifeStraw*.

The actual website for this product does not sell the product in the US (http://www.vestergaard-frandsen.com/lifestraw), but fortunately I am an affiliate of a LifeStraw merchant in the United States.   When you are ready to purchase and/or want to see more information, click the link below or one of the LifeStraw links on terralovers site. Cheers to life!

Web References:

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The Award Winning LifeStraw Personal Water Filter