Do you believe so?  Do you feel that the water we drink from fresh water aquifers should have a price put on it?  Many corporations feel that water should have a price, that water is a human right when referring to the water we need to live, but water to wash your car, water your golf courses and gardens should not be "free reign".  Instead they feel a price should be put on water so we can regulate what little fresh water supply we do have.

The fresh water we have is not an infinite supply by any means.  Groundwater & aquifers take thousands of years to recharge (replace what has been removed) and with us pumping water out of the ground faster than it can recharge, what do you think will happen?  This is not speculation, this is not far fetched, it is a simple math problem.  When you subtract a large number from a small number the result is smaller or a negative.

Water will run out, just like oil, fresh water is not something that we can continue to waste, contaminate and or pump out of the ground for profit, it must be held in the highest regard and respect for without it, we cannot live.  Think about that for a minute while you sit cozy in your home with fresh water being delivered to your faucets and/or toilets.  How much of it do you feel is wasted when we leave a faucet running for 2 minutes or flush our toilets.  Considering the supply and demand of fresh water it is not hard to imagine us seeing a time where we don't have it so readily available.

Corporations want to put a price on water so we learn how to live within our water means.  Truth is I don't believe for one minute that it is to help the great deal of people living without water on this planet, I think the agenda is to use something that every living creature needs to survive as a chess piece to make money. But I could be looking at it wrong.  While watching the CEO of Nestle talk about water and how it should be regulated, I had certain times when I found myself agreeing with what he was saying but my heart was screaming about the point missed.  I feel that corporations and the people with all the money have the means to help, but it is not by sucking groundwater out and bottling it, it is more by coming up with a filtering system that can be worldwide, something that takes our bad water and turns it into good water by an easy process.  With all the smart people there are in the world, you cannot tell me that someone has not come up with an idea of how to streamline the filtering of our grey water and apply it to everyday living.  And getting down to the truth of the matter, people want things fast and now and do not want to wait, instant gratification has become the name of the game, regardless of how many people it will come to harm.  

Water is a human right, but that does not mean to the point of running the well dry.  

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Imagine being brought up in a place where you did not have access to fresh water to drink.  Imagine being surrounded by contaminated water and no way to clean enough of it to have even one cup of fresh water to drink.  Imagine your drinking water riddled with parasites, contaminants and muck.  Well while you may not think about it because we are lucky in this country, there are many more people in the world that live like this and have no access to fresh drinking water.  

According to the US Census Bureau (www.census.gov) there is a birth every 8 seconds and as of today the world population is approximately 7, 103, 409, 300 and counting, that includes the United States population at 316 million and counting.  It is estimated that approximately 3.4 million people die each year from water related disease (www.water.org) and 780 million or more do not have access to fresh drinking water.  There are more people who do not have access to drinking water then there are people the United States!  That is a pretty hefty bit of information all by itself.  So while we are lucky and so blessed to have drinking water, something which is taken advantage of on a daily basis, there is someone else dying from the lack of it.

For us lucky ones our drinking water is coming straight from the Earth up through wells and/or delivered through pipes from a water company.  For many others it is not so easy,  it is a several mile walk to the watering hole and and back, then on to whatever cleaning process is available and hope they have gotten all the contaminants out of it so it is semi-potable.  Unfortunately, most of the time this is not the case, most illnesses come from fecal matter in the water because there is more water being contaminated then there is water being sanitized, especially in developing countries.  It is and has been apparent that the solution to pollution is in fact NOT dilution, the solution is awareness & action. 

This is what LifeStraw is all about.  LifeStraw is a "point-of-use" personal water filtering device that provides approximately 264 gallons (1000 liters)of fresh/filtered water at your fingertips.  It was designed to help combat the water problem in the world, but with our country going full force into activities that WILL contaminate our fresh water aquifers, it is a welcome addition to your survival needs.  Not to mention can be used on hikes, camping, wilderness runs, etc. and it's a lot lighter than lugging water around.  This is a must have, even if you never have to use it you will always be sure that you will always have access to drinking water to keep you alive, hence *LifeStraw*.

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